FAA study admits increased levels of noise with implementation of "NextGen" Technology

nextgen noise

That means more planes, more noise and more air pollution. Above is an excerpt from a report the FAA commissioned about the effects of their whiz-bang NextGen Technology (read the full report here: FAA Environmental Scientist admits increased noise and pollution with NextGen).  Take note of the reference: "Concentration of air tracks could also increase noise exposure in some areas."  By "some areas" they mean, among others, the air track directly over Park Slope, Prospect Park and many Brooklyn neighbhoords.  This is all the result of an unlawful redesign by the FAA who crammed this environmental disaster down the throats of Brooklyn residents without due process.  Contact the following Senators and Representative and tell them to stand up for your rights -- rights that were stripped away by the FAA and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In case they've forgotten, tell them this is not how America works! Please use the online forms for Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Congresswoman Yvette Clarke. Tell them that the voters who put them in office expect them to start representing their interests, not just those of the airline industry.


Be sure to check out NextGenNoise.Org for more information on the greenwashing efforts of the FAA and industry in regards to NextGen.